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Meme Tutorial and Alphabetical Index of all Memes on Active Rain!

When I got meme'd by Sarah Cooper, Realtor, Hurricane, WV, I had to write her and ask: 

What in the World is a Meme? What does it have to do with Real Estate?

Okay, Lucky Lang has had his head in the sand.

After she answered my questions I set out to find all the memes on Active Rain.  After days of research, I believe all are represented below in alphabetical order.  I did this so that when anyone is meme'd, they can check out this comprehensive list to learn all about memes and to see if their nominee has already been meme'd.  Since this network has grown so much it proved to be a much more arduous task than I could've imagined.  If I missed anyone or as new ones happen, please comment here and I will add them in the post in alphabetical order to keep the list current.  There is also a Meme Group, that Sarah Cooper started, that you can post to.  Just be sure to comment here as well so the list stays current!  Have Fun!

The first Meme on Active Rain was: Mary McKnight: Tag I'm It: Meme Marketing and What 5 things you don't know about me

The best tutorial about Meme's (IMO) is: Jay & Francy Thompson: The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

As for my five things, here they are:

1)   I was born in and have always lived in Davenport, Iowa.  I have lived in zip codes 52802, 52803, 52804, 52806, and 52807, but always in Davenport!

2)   I have physically been in every state in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  I have also been to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Venezuela (Don't Go There!). 

3)   I once held 9 licenses at once:

  1. An Iowa Driver's License
  2. An Iowa Motorcycle License
  3. An Iowa Real Estate Broker's License
  4. An Iowa Insurance License
  5. A Securities License
  6. An FAA Private Pilot's License
  7. An Iowa Fork Truck Operator's License
  8. An FCC Communication's License
  9. And most importantly, A Marriage License

4)   I served an apprenticeship for and am a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker.  I served my 4 year apprenticeship while attending BlackHawk College and maintaining a 4.0!

5)   I got certified for Scuba about 10 years ago and achieved my Advanced Deep Water Certification 2 years ago in Jamaica after going more than 130' deep!


One of the responsibilities, as I understand them, is to "tag" 3 other people.  May I have the envelope, please?

The nominees are:

Rob Lang: My older brother, the one who invited me to Active Rain a mere seven months ago.  My first comment was on his post How much time per day do you spend blogging?

Lucky Lang II: My son was one of the first people I invited to Active Rain.  I'm very proud of him and hopefully he will share with us his five things.

Beth Larsen: She is a sweet lady from Sedona Arizona who writes great posts with awesome pictures.

What are the five things that we don't know about you?


        To the best of my research (there are almost 200), these are all the other memes that have been done:

If you are not a member, or a member and not signed in, some of the posts will not come up as they are posted to Members Only.

Aziz Abdur-Ra'oof: Meme'd by Amber Riviere  

Jaynee Acevedo: Mee Mee, Moo Moo, Yow Yow (that's a MeMe with two bonus tidbits)

Joe Adams: MEME???? What the world is that

Kathleen Allardyce: I've Been Memed

Dan Allred: MEMEMEMEMEME I want it my way! and MEMEMEME2

Brad Andersohn: Meme, what the heck? I got tagged!! Who's next?  

Paul Anyanwu: WOW I have been meme'd (Golfing Is Like Life):

Vickie Arcuri: Tag! I'm "it" !

Tom Armstrong: So I'm minding my own business, spouting off about credit or whatever....  

Robert Ashby: Everybody's Gonna Get Memed!!!

Joey Aszterbaum: MEME'd in Hemet - Messing with the Meme

Toni Atchinson-Rozycki: Ima ME Youra ME Everyone's a MEME...  

Lola Audu: Yikes...I've Been Meme'd!  

Diane Aurit: My MeMe is All Over the Map!!!!   

Dale Baker: Why am I here ? and Will the meme's got me for a 2nd. time

GITA BANTWAL: MeMe , Gita Bantwal, Bucks County Realtor , 5 things that google does not know.

Alecia Barnes: I've been Double Meme'd!! Tag Meme'd! Meme'd....  

Toby Barnett:  His Other Blog

Beth Bastian: Meme who me?

Sandi Bauman: My meme... 5 things you didn't need to know about Sandi Bauman   

Jeff Belonger: What's this MEME phenomenon going on in the blogging world? Well, I have been tagged, or in this case, Memed !!! and The MEME's are back.... My MEME part 2.....  and I got slimed by that damn MEME again....... Part 3

Christina Bennani: MeMe...better late than never  

Barbara Jo Berberi: I've Been MeMe-ed by Dionne Morgan -

Amy Bergquist: Don't Read My MEME, I'm Boring!

William "Billy B" Berthiaume II: I was MEME'd - Thanks Tom!!

Larry Bettag: MEME and MYMY 4TH of JULY

Marc Blasi: So I got MEME-d, fuggedabboudit! and Meme? I've been tagged again?!? and Meme #3! What am I going to write this time?

Brian Block: Who?? MeME! and Enough About Me, Let's Talk About MeMe Some More: Meme Take 2

Neal Bloom: My dirty laundry? I have now been MEME'd  

Matthew J Blum: Oh Geeze I have been MEME  and I have been honored to be MeMe again!.. Thank you Stephanie Edwards  

Teresa Boardman: Meme tag again

Christine Bohn: Yippie!! I got MEME'd ! Thanks Marc :)

Sara Bonert: I getted Meme'd - Finally!

Cathi Boortz: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Christina Botteri: ActiveRain Memeplex Submission  

Toby Boyce: I've been Memed on Active Rain

Donald Bradbury: It's All About Me-Me-Me! That's right - I've been Me-Me'd!

Brande Bradford: I have been MeMe'd!

Brian Brady: on my outside blog

Lanette Branch: Memed? What the...?  

Debi Braulik: I've been tagged for a Meme  

Maureen Bray: My turn to be MeMe'd .....

Shell Brodnax: Shell's Meme-

Rosemary Brooks: Let's play knock, knock or is it called tag? Its Meme time! Let's play  

Leigh Brown: Five things you may never have guessed about me!

Yvonne Brown: MeMe - It's my turn - thanks for sharing the fun Cyndee!  

Ricardo Bueno: I've just been meme'd...who'd a thought...so here it goes... and MY Johari Window

Jennifer Bukaty: Meme Expose' and MeMe part deux: Les Hérétiques

Michelle Burgos: MEME: MIMI's Little Secrets!!! - Updated!

Renee Burrows: OK *Tag* I'm It - No You're It!

Beth Butler: The real Meme was my grandmother, but here is my Meme

Dane Caldwell: No, Not Meme!

Patrick Canavan: Michele Connnors - Thanks for the MeMe!

Sheron Cardin: Like, This Valley Girl Has Been Meme'd Again...   and in the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Bob Carney: I was a victim of a drive by MeMe...thanks Chris

Bill Carroll: Anonymous, I seemed, not anymore, I've been memed

Pamela Carter: Oh My Goodness, I've been MEME'D!!!

Missy Caulk: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme and Five Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me !  

Theresa Cavanaugh: (AHEM) mememememe...sorry about the voice, but I've been MeME'd 

Nicolette Ceballos: Duck, Duck, Meme'd

Abraham Chaffin: My - MeMe

Suzi Chaffin: Not Youyou-MeMe!!

Thesa Chambers: Kids, Fish, Photos and Babbling - My MEME and MeMe | #2 | 5 More Boring Tid Bits About Little Ol MeMe

Paul Chaney: His Other Blog

Sam Chapman: I've Been Memed - A Few More Things...

Dave Cheatham: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman: It's my MEME for UU  and My MeMe Updated! and Let Me Entertain You! (Things You Don't Know About MEME)   

Christian Real Estate Network (Justin): I've been Memed!!! Now What??

Benjamin Clark: I like to Sing (MeMe 1) and I have a sleep disorder (MeMe #2) and I lived in Nicaragua (MeMe #3) and I like Older Women (MeMe #4) and One of My Favorite Books is called "Psycho-Cybernetics" (MeMe #5)

Janie Coffey: I've be Meme'd Oh my!

Carole Cohen: Digitally Enhanced Meme 7.0 Upgrade (Plug In Available for MAC Use)

Jana Cole: I've Been What-ed?

William Collins: Alfalfa Is That You?

Cliff Collipriest: I've been attacked by the Meme bug and it burns!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Ana Connell: What you always wanted to know about me, but were afraid to ask....MEME! 

Michele ConnorsI've Been Memed and Memed (again)..This Time, The Softer Side of Me, Me , Me!  

Sarah Cooper: My Meme  and Sarah's Meme II, The Return of the Meme and Meme'd Again!

Jeff Corbett: Deep Meme's, by Jeff Corbett  

Lauren Corna: Meme'd in Texas...

Nattalie Cornwall: I got MEME!! Tag !!who is it now?

Jim Cronin (AKA: Real Estate Tomato): What's So Juicy About This Tomato?  

Phillip Cross: Tag "I'm It!" - about time I added my MeMe

Ann Cummings: MEMED??? I've been "Memed"!!

Dan Cummings: The Running Man gets MeMe'd and The Running Man Gets MeMe'd - Again

Sandra Cummings: 50th Post and a Meme to Boot and A New Year - A New Meme

Suzanne Cutler: Thanks to Jeff Belonger, I have been MEME'D! Watch out your next. 

Cyber Café & Back Porch Conversations Jay Merton & Medford Ambrose: We've been memed! 5 things you didn't know about Med & Jay-(that may or may not be true)!

Victor DaGraca: I was wondering what I'd do if ever I got MeMed..... and MeMe'd..... again....

Rich Dansereau: Meme'd by BLR Guy


Linda Davis: Memed I am. I am.

Kathy "Kat" DeLong: MY MEME is NOT Sugar-Coated OPEN WITH CARE

Karen Dembsky: MeMe'd -- I'm thinking, give me a minute! 

Michelle DeRepentigny: Triple Meme'd & My 3 Month Rainiversary!

Poppy Dinsey: Oh MeMe, Oh My!

Maggie Dokic: O sole MEME oooh!  and O Sole Me-Me-Ohhhh Round II

Cait Donohue: Oh Crap...I've been Meme'd 

Donna Dosch: I've Been Memed!

Gina Dougherty: My Meme Blog  

Joanne Douglas: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Jeff Dowler: MEME is the THEME

Chris Drayer: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Barbara S. Duncan: New member of this unique group? Thanks for the invitation.

Kathy Dyer: Your got me- Now Your It~  

Teri Eckholm: Minnesota MEME--I've Been Tagged!

Peggy Edwards: All About MeMe???  

Sara Lee Edwards: It's an Honor to be MeMe'd

Stephanie Edwards-Musa: I've Been MeMe'd-Twice in One Week!

Kelley Eling: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Sherri Elliott: Its All about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!

Brett Ellis: Ive Been Memed. I must tell you 5 things about myself

Teri Ellis: Everything Is All About ME!!!!

Jean Elmore: Meme's and Blogging and Posting, Oh My!

Bonnie Erickson: Tag, You've Been Meme'd  and Her Other Blog

Sarah Eubanks: It's All About "Meme"??!!?!?!? and And in This Corner...Sarah Eubanks' Meme ~ Round Two

Jan Evett: I've been MEME'd by MARC!

Chrissi Ewing: MeMe... Memed why me?  

Stayci Fast: Stayci Fast: Just a quick Meme

Julie Ferenzi: I didn't even know what a Meme was... Oh, I get it! Me Me? LOL!   

Lizette Fitzpatrick: 5 Meme Things you Wish You Didn't Know About LIZETTE!   

Jennifer Fivelsdal: Tag I'm it

Damion Flynn: What the Meme?

Christine Forgione: Punch BUGGY Yellow - I mean TAG - NO TAG BACKS!!! 

Joeann Fossland: More About ME than you probably want to know!

Brian Foxworth: I've been MEME'd  

Maureen Francis & Dmitry Koublitsky: Tag, I'm it.

James Frazier: MeMe'd and I don't really even know what it means

Marti Garaughty: Memed by Monika McGillicuddy & Diane Rice... 

Ines Garcia: Me-Me????I hope this works.....I owe you the pictures  

Bill Gassett: MEME'D in Massachusetts ~ Look out you could be next!

Karen George: My 100th Post...and a MeMe

Shari George: It's all about moi'

Ashley Drake Gephart: I am a Meme and I have been Meme'd

Angie Gerhardson: Who wants Ice Cream?.....MeMe...MeMe!

Elizabeth Giblin: My1st MEME's post!

Eloise Gift: Meme'd! Ouch! I didn't Escape

Judi Glamb: They don't call me Turtle for nothing!

Leslie Godbold: The deepest secrets of a hillbilly

Sara Goodwin: MeMe from Sarah to Sara (or is that Sarah to Sara?)

Scott Gormley: Doctor Spark, It Just Might Work Captain!

Kimberly Grant: Meme Strikes Again!!

Chris Elizabeth Griffith: Monster Meme Madness and Meme, Again.  

Marc Grossman: MeMe, MeMe, MeMe - Oy Yoy Yoy!!  

April Groves: Play in the Rain, Drown in the Meme 

Ann Guy: I've been MEME'ed!

Mitchell Hall: Meme Me Me...About Me

Virginia Halter: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Herb Hamilton: Who Am I Why It's ME-ME That's Who

Lisa and Robert Hammerstein: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme and All About Me!

Elaine Hanson: Meme a Little Meme of Me

Inna Hardison: Oh, Thank You So Much, Andrew for This Four Letter word (MeMe) and DareDevil Dies By Bee Noise - MeMe, again


Chrissy Harrison: Me? Memed? Here Goes....  and Meme, Schmeme!

Valerie Harvey: Why MeMe!!!!

Lindsey Hasford: MeMe is my name....  

Sean Hashimoto: My first Meme

Terry Haugen: Tag I'm It! Thanks to Dena Stevens

Cyndee Haydon: I was challenged to tell more about Me! Me!- so here goes...  and MemeII - Cyndee Haydon tells all....

Jack Haydon: And The MeMe Goes To....Jack 

Rick & Ines Hedegus-Garcia: I've been WHAT? Memed - yes memed and Memed again by my double

Lisa Heindel: All about Meme and MeMe'd in the Big Easy

David Helm: David Helm, Helm Home Inspections, MEME

Maureen Henry: Tag I'm it and Highly personal soul bearing meme. Get tissues ready.  

Candy Henthorne: So, what about MEME!


Lorna Hill: The Reluctant Meme

Jessica Horton: Selling in the Rain..Starring MeMe!!!!!

Keisha Hosea: Now I've Got To Learn What A Meme Is?  

JoAnn Hostutler: MEME's I'VE BEEN TAGGED!!!

Yolanda Hoversten: MEME's the WORD

Jessica Hughes: 5 Things you Don't Know About Me.

Barry Hurd: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Karen Hurst: I have to do this I've been Nemed twice

Michael Hutchins: I've been Tagged  


James Iodice: Thats enough about Me, lets talk more about MeMe 

Rich Jacobson: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Mike Jaquish: Quietly minding my own business and...MEME'd by Ray Nellum!!!!  

Drew Jelmeland: NW Drew got MEME'd

Dawn Jensen: The MeMe Memoir

Cheryl Johnson: More Meme

Mike Jones: Tagged For A Meme! Jungle Boy--Mike in Tucson

Stacy Jones: You mean it's my turn to get MeMe'd!

Candice Joyner: I've been memed

Tricia Jumonville: I've Been Memed! and Five MORE Things About Me That You Don't Know? Meme'd Again! and Third MeMe's the Charm?

Patricia Kennedy: MyMy! MeMe'd! Yikes!

Jeff Kessler: I got meme'd. Ewwww what is the slimy stuff on me... and 2nd time being Meme'd. This should be fun. Then I get to Slime 3. Wooo Hoooo!!!!

Jennifer Kirby: Down Meme-ry Lane

Marie Kletke: Ohmigosh!! I'VE BEEN MEME'D !!!

Eric Kodner: Couldn't Avoid the Dreaded MeMe!

Kristal KraftFace Book has Zombie's and AR has continual Meme's

Melissa Kruse: Tag - I'm it  

Colleen Kulikowski: Meme - My Turn

Christina Lackey: And the MeMe Marches On... and ...And the MeMe Marches Back and How Many Member MeMe's Can a MeMeing Member MeMe?

Katie Landon: What to say............

Joseph Lang: I've been meme'd

Lucky Lang: Meme Tutorial and Alphabetical Index of all Meme's on Active Rain! 

Joshua Lazaro: A Meme from Me   

Jim Lee: It's "Meme" time in Tennessee


Cindy Lin: Woo I've been Memed!

Nicola Lindsay: I got Meme'd by Rhonda

Frank Llosa: From my Meme'd to yours

JudyAnn Lorenz: Looking into a Crystal MeMe

Jim Ludes: All the cool kids do it 

Ava Lugg: I have been Meme'd, so what do I want to share?

Anna Lukyanova: Ok... I've been MEMED....   

Theresa Lussier: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Nick M.: It's all about ME.. ME, ME, ME.. Now I have an excuse!

Katrina Madewell: Katrina Madewell Meme'd by Cyndee Haydon

Tim Maitski: My Meme. More Than You Wanted to Know

Tisza Major-Posner: I've Been MeMe'd! Well, Actually I Was MeMe'd A Long, Long Time Ago...  

Debbie Malone: I've Been MEME'D!

Laurie Manny: MEME

Caleb Mardini: Meme chain Repsonse  

Suzanne Marriott: It's all about me me me  

Tony Marriott: Meme - It's All About Me!

Jennifer Martin: MeMe - Has The Best of Both Worlds

Steve Mattison: Not the MEMe's - oh no - I have been touched in the head.

Debe Maxwell: MeMe? Me? OH, MyMy!

Maureen McCabe: Meme me up Scotty and Meme me once, meme me twice... meme me once again...

Jimmy McCall: Jimmy's MeMe  

Jacqueline McCroy Elbert: I've Been Memed 

Charles McDonald: MeMe, OK, I feel like an idiot! and meme'd - your making me Dizy!!!

Lee McFatridge: I got MEME'd!!!  

Jay McGillicudy: Memed in Hampstead, New Hampshire

Monika McGillicuddy: Memed..My 5 Secrets ...shhh don't tell anyone

Kathy McGraw: Meme...Real Estate with Intensity and Integrity  and "Gee Mom I wanna Go Home"..........So where's Home....

Mary McKnight: Tag I'm It: Meme Marketing and What 5 things you don't know about me

Doreen McPherson: Boring, Bland MEME

Sveta Melchuk:  In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Caryll Miller: I have just been MEMED

Midori Miller: It's All About MEME....  

Aaron Mills: I was MeMe'd for the first time and I think I liked it...but we will see how I feel tomorrow. 

Joan Mirantz: MY MEME...Or, HOW NARCICISTIC ARE YOU?? and 5 Incredibly Personal Facts About Me-or-MeMe

Craig Mische: A Meme from Beth   

Kelly Mitchell: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Laura Monroe: Ed Rybczynski...Woke me Up With a Meme!

Lexa Montierth: Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who Meme? Not Meme!

Roxanne & Shannon Moore: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Jacob Morales: Well I Guess It's Time...I've been Meme'd 

Dionne Morgan: How Did I Find My Way To This Place?  

Judi Morgan: I GOT MEME'd WHILE I WAS DANCING IN THE RAIN!!! and I got MeMe'd again. . . While Dancing In The Rain!!!

Caron Mosey: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Mike Mueller: Mike's Meme - "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH..." and Mike's Ripple of a MEME

Brett Mumaw: No One Is Safe From The MEME! 

Kim Murphy: My 5 skeletons! 

Catherine Myers: Holy Goodness Batman! I've been MeMe'd!! 

Lysa Napolitano: I Wanna Talk About MeMe! (Do I?)  

JaneAnne Narrin: MeMe'd Again and in the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Ray Nellum: WHO Meme'd Ray Nellum???

Carolyn Nelson: I was meme'd by Nattalie

Irina Netchaev: Meme'd? Me? Mini Me?

Kathy Nielsen: Oh Oh - I've been Memed!  

Jennie Norris: Me-Me-Me - I have been Meme'd by a Meemer. . .

Melissa Nottingham: MeMe-ing a newbie is NO FAIR! and Little Pieces of MeMe

John Novak: Get to know meme 

John Occhi: The Road to Riches is Paved by ActiveRain

Melissa Olson: Can you feel the MEME coming?

Luisa Orellana: Tag...I'm it!!

Brian Ortiz: I've been MEMED!! 2x in one day!

Rick and Lynn Orze: And the Me-Me Goes to.....Us

Karen Otto: I'm a "Meme"ber!

Tchaka Owen: It's all about MEME!  

Noel Padilla: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Renee Parker: MeMe'd and not quite sure what to do with it......

Scott Parsons: Super Meme!

Kathy Passarette: Things about Me ~ MeMe

Beth Patnode: Beth Patnode (Minnesota Home Staging) was MEME'd too  

Leanne Paytner:  About Me-Me Meme

Deborah Pearce: ~~all she wants to do ~~ is dance~dance~dance ~~ yes another me~me  

Keith & Robin Perry: Why MeMe

Marchel Peterson: Marchel's Meme 

Ken Phillips: I've been MeMe'd........  

Fred Pickard: I was Maureen McCabed (No, I was Memed by Maureen McCabe)

Cari Pilon: It's All About "Meme"

Tom Plant: I've been tagged... is it contagious?

David A. Podgursky: MeMe ... DoDo YouYou ReallyReally WantWant ToTo KnowKnow?  

Lori Kim Polk: No, not me.. I've been MeMe'd..Yikes!

Rhonda Porter: Too much about Meme 

Christy Powers: Things you didn't want to know and more about MEME!  

Leslie Prest: It's all your fault, Yvonne. I don't do chain letters.

Jason Price: I've Been Double Memed

Cheryl-Anne Priest: Sir John Franklin and MeMe!

Carmen Prince: Carmen's MEME

Sue Prins: Oh My Beating Heart! I JUST GOT MEME'D!!!

Randy L. Prothero: Tag I'm it - What 5 Things You don't Know About Me  and I've Been MEME'd Again. Why Would Anyone Want to Read About My Life? and I Have Been MEME'd Again - Here is My Updated MEME

Carole Provenzale: I have no "Catchy" MeMe Title :(  and Five MORE MeMe's about ME? Haven't you had ENOUGH?

Michael I. Pulskamp: Five things that you didn't know about me.  

Elaine Reese: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Abby Reilly: My Meme  

Karen Reynolds: I got what? And - am I contageous??

Nima Rezvan: Nima aka Mortgage Man's MEME BLOG (Rated PG-13)

Diane Rice: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Charles Richey: Its all about ME

Gena Riede: I Got Tagged as the Prolific Rainer and Laura Monroe...Making Memories With Her Meme!

Nancy Rivera: OMG.... I've been MEME'd

Carmen Rivero: All about Me: Carmen Rivero

Amber Riviere: Meme, Myself, and I 

Jim Roberts: What??? Meme'd! How long do I have left Doc???

Joddie Roberts: "We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program for.....a Meme!

Candace Robinson: I have been Meme'd by the Active Rain Diva Dez!! Are you next?  

Gail Robinson: I Got Tagged, So Here's My Meme

Rob Robinson: Grrrrrrrr..I've been MEME'ed.........  

Margaret Rome: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Yvonne Root: I like talking about you,you,you,you, usually, but occassionally I wanna talk about me and Betty You Asked For It and Now You're Going To Get It

Russell Rosencrans: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Dave Rosenmarkle: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Matthew Rosov: My Very First MeMe!

Leah Ross: Leah's MeMe! 

Frank Rubi: Hanging around on AR and got MeMe'd

Lisa Ryan: The First of a Triple Play Meme

Ed Rybczynski: I was meme'd twice .... on the same day and The Confession of a Radical who Blogs

Ray Saenz: My Meme, just a little bit about me

Ginger Sala: MEME Me, or It's All About ME ME?  

Fred Salzer: I've Been Memed!

Suzanne Sands: Tag Teamed My Meme and My MEME Part 2, Too Much Information!

Tracy Santrock: I've been Memed!

Jason Sardi: Lucky Number 3, My MEME... and What's In A Meme? and Ann Guy Meme'ed Me, Now What do I do?

Heather Saul: Heather's Meme...... what am I thinking.

Linda Scanlan: That Janie Coffey! I've Been Meme'd!   

Rich Schiffer: I have been nominated for a MEME...  and in the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Antoinette Scognamiglio: I'VE BEEN MEME'ED!

Dawn Shaffer: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Ravi Shah: MEME - It's my turn  

Tina Maraj Shah: It's All About Tina...My MEME and Hello Active Rain I've Been MEME'ed AGAIN 

Sondra Sheckler: HELP ME!!! I've been MeMe'd!!!!

Stephanie Shields: Okay here we go. I've been Meme'd and my first blog post. Thanks Jen!!   

Rory Siems: Since I was MeMe'd

Sharon Simms: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Paul Slaybaugh: Meme Tarzan, Youyou Jane and The Slaybaugh Files (2 Much MeMe for YouYou) and Brand New Year, Same Old Meme (Meme III)

Cynthia Sloop: For the MEMED of it All! and WHO ARE YOU (who who, who, who)? I've Been Memed.

David Small: MEME From Myrtle Beach

Carol Smith: Knock, knock! Who's there? ---- MEME of course!

Christopher Smith: Tag, I'm it...the meme game

Danny Smith: Danny's MEME!  and MEME 2 - Final Cut

Jo-Anne Smith: MeMe'ing ~ The Hardest Post You'll Be ASKED To Write At AR and Mayor Gaspari Breaks 3 Month Moratorium on Repeat Memes. and Memes Unlimited Inc.

Justin Smith: Look Out For the MEME Monster...

Ken Smith: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Steven L. Smith: Steven L. Smith, King of the House Meme

Bill Somerset: Well, I guess it's my turn, I've been MEME'd

Jo Soss: And the MeMe goes to............ ME!

Debra Spadafora: I was tagged............

Amber Steiner: I've been MeMe'd! The Cats out of the Bag... and Who MeMe? Yes YouYou? Couldn't Be....Part II

Dena Stevens: I've been MeMe'd again!

Allison Stewart: In the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Amy Stoehr: 5 Things You Wouldn't Know About Me MEME  

Karen Anne Stone: It's New Year's Eve... Time For My MeMe

"The Lovely Wife"...: TLW Does Not Want To Do This...Do It Anyway...ROAR!  and in the comments of The First (?) ActiveRain Meme

Betsy Talbot: I've Been Meme'd! 

Linda Box Taylor: My First Meme!

Chris Tesch: Memed...by Jay

Tracey Thomas: The Other Side of the Active Rainbow.....My Meme...We're not in Kansas anymore Toto

Jay & Francy Thompson: His Other Blog

Eleanor Thorne: Ain't Got A Dawg In That Fight MeMe  and My "Bless His Heart" MeMe

Danny Thornton: The MeMe's got me and All about MeMe.

Elena Thurston: Tag I'm it and Five Things You Didn't Know About Me  

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Melody Young: But Enough About ME, Let's Talk About You, What Do You Think Of ME? I've Been MEME'D!!!

Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone!

Thanks and have fun!

Lucky :)

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1011 W. 16th Street, Davenport, Iowa 52804 - SOLD!
This Fabulous Four Bedroom 2 Story with 2 baths and a 2 car garage is only $117, 500!!! Original French Doors between the foyer and living room and a grand dining room with bump-out to please everyone! Big country kitchen with a generous amount… more
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