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February 2008
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Home Selling Tips For
Spring Buyer's Market

  If you're planning to put your home on the market in time for spring, now's the time to get it ready to show.
      But wait, it's still a buyer's market. What can you do to catch the buyer's eye and get them to make an offer?
      It's going to take more than a fresh coat of paint and a new welcome mat. A buyer's market raises the stakes, and you'll find you need to do a lot more work on your home than you think, if you want to get the highest price possible.
      You've heard that you should clean, paint and repair, but that may not be enough. If your home is cluttered and in disrepair, buyers won't pay top dollar.

Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of January 31, 2008:

30 yr. fixed:   5.68%
15 yr. fixed:   5.17%
1 yr. adj:        5.05%
<!-- <B>30 yr. jumbo:  6.98%</B>-->

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      Knowing how buyers reason should help you pick which updates are most likely to help you sell your home.
      Let's take the most basic selling suggestions and explore why these are such important mantras.

Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

Are You Leaving a Tax Deduction on the Table?

     I you refinanced your home recently, you're not alone. According to Plunkett Research, approximately $1.1 trillion dollars in mortgage loans was refinanced in the United States in 2006. But did you remember to take an increased mortgage interest deduction on your tax return if you were entitled to one?
      Here's how it works. You are allowed to take a deduction on your personal tax return for mortgage interest you pay on a loan that is secured by either your principal residence or a second home, up to one million dollars in acquisition indebtedness. That means mortgages, lines of credit and home equity loans all qualify, as long as they are secured by your home, and you are the primary borrower, and legally obligated to repay that loan.
      What you call your first and second homes can be pretty open to interpretation. Pretty much anything will qualify if it has sleeping, cooking and toilet facilities. CONTINUED >>>

Five Reasons Houses
Beat Stocks

     Despite what Wall Street wants you to believe, owning a home isn't the same kind of investment as stocks or bonds. What you get is a USE asset that depreciates over time, while it grows in market value. All you have to do is keep the home in good repair to max out your take.
      Here are five reasons why you get more for your money with a house than a worthless sock puppet.
Leverage: with stocks, you put in all your money for a little piece of a company. With a house, you put in a little money to get all of the house.
Tax benefits: Uncle Sam knows that owning a home is a pain in the neck, that's why you get subsidies. These are basically government bribes to get you to buy. What other investment can you put in 5 percent of the cost of the asset, reap all the appreciation and pay no capital gains? That's right: live in your home two years, rent it for three, sell it, and pay no tax on capital gains up to 250,000 for singles, $500,000 for married couples. And you're worried about paying too much?
      And that's not all - think about the benefits of fixed-rate mortgages, property tax write-offs, interest rate deductions, depreciation. Is this a great country or what? CONTINUED >>>

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Life Expectancy of Home Components

     One way to prepare for the costs of owning a home beyond the mortgage payment, insurance and taxes, is to know the expected life expectancy of your home's components.
      Such knowledge doesn't supersede the use of a home inspector when buying a home, new or old, but it can help you develop a savings plan so you are prepared for the inevitable.
      Sooner or later you'll have to repair or replace many of your home's parts -- inside and out.
      Knowledge of components' life expectancies is what homeowner associations use, in part, to build a reserve fund designed to spread, over time, the cost of the inevitable.

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Comment balloon 8 commentsLucky Lang • February 01 2008 06:21AM


Great Newsletter!  Excellent Information, Very Well Laid Out, Powerful Graphics.  I can see why you are the Quad Cities Favorite Realtor
Posted by Laurie Logan, South Central WI Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty, Inc., Broker Associate) over 12 years ago


Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement!

Lucky :)

Posted by Lucky Lang, Marco Island & Naples Florida Real Estate (Premiere Plus Realty Marco Island) over 12 years ago
Lucky, I like the newsletter format as well. How do you get these out via client list or just subscription etc...
Posted by Frank Rubi, FrankRubiRealEstate.com (Frank Rubi Real Estate, LLC) over 12 years ago


I send these out to my past clients, current clients, and friends.  I also print them out and hand them out at open houses.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lucky :)

Posted by Lucky Lang, Marco Island & Naples Florida Real Estate (Premiere Plus Realty Marco Island) over 12 years ago

Lucky, that's a really nice looking newsletter. If you don't mind me asking, what do you use to set it up?

Thanks, Ken 

Posted by Ken Tharp, Section 1031 Exchanges, Iowa/U.S. (Iowa Equity Exchange) over 12 years ago


I pay Realty Times $25 per month to do it for me!  You surely don't think that I'm that good do you? :)

Thanks for commenting,

Lucky :)

Posted by Lucky Lang, Marco Island & Naples Florida Real Estate (Premiere Plus Realty Marco Island) over 12 years ago

Hey Lucky - Nothing would surprise me, my friend! That does sound like the way to go, though... a lot less headache for you, for sure. 

- Ken 

Posted by Ken Tharp, Section 1031 Exchanges, Iowa/U.S. (Iowa Equity Exchange) over 12 years ago


It comes in an e-mail version and a print version.  You may edit/change anything you want.  You may also submit stories to them for inclusion.  Lastly, being a subscriber, you are giving a site to create your own Market Reports for your area.  It's actually a pretty good value!

Take care,

Lucky :) 

Posted by Lucky Lang, Marco Island & Naples Florida Real Estate (Premiere Plus Realty Marco Island) over 12 years ago